Poster Submission

Poster Submission

We welcome posters on all unclassified software and data projects at ORNL, whether scientific or business-oriented. Participants will each have a designated area in Gather.Town where they can set up a poster (either .pdf or slides) describing their project allowing for direct interactions as in a face-to-face poster session. We highly encourage a 2-3 minute (not to exceed 3 minutes) pre-recorded demonstration or description of the software or data project using Awards for the best poster, demonstration, and presentation categories will recognize the best submissions with a focus on quality, reproducibility, and excellence in Software and Data Engineering.

Submission site: (An easychair account is required for submission)
Ideally (but not required), the poster should be in landscape mode and of size Arch E: 36 x 48 inches, or 92 x 122 cm (width x height). 48x 36 poster template is available via ORNL templates. In addition, we welcome existing posters showcasing the latest developments in their software and Data projects at ORNL.

The deadline for submissions is May 7, 2021 extended to May 12, 2021. Contact for any questions.

Presenting a Poster

The following lists the logistics for the presenters who are presenting during the poster session and poster jam. PDF instructions for the presenters have been sent in an email.

The poster session and poster jam will take place in Navigate to via the link provided in the email instructions or the link in the agenda. There is a specific room, the Auditorium where the poster jam will be presented. The poster jam will take place on Wednesday, May 19, and Thursday, May 20, 11:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Only the person(s) presenting should follow the instructions below. Each poster submitted should have at least one presenter.

Please check the schedule emailed to presenters to confirm the time that you are scheduled to present during the poster jam. Presenters should plan on going to auditorium at least 10-15 minutes before you are scheduled to present. The space will open at 9:30 a.m. please feel free to go into earlier if you would like to explore and familiarize yourself with the space.

Poster Jam

The poster jam will be three-minute presentations of each poster. 22 posters will be presented on Day 1 and 21 on Day 2.  Poster jams will be held starting at 11:00 am in the virtual auditorium adjacent to the poster hall on both days. To present during the poster jam you should follow the arrows into the auditorium.  You should also be prepared to share your screen when you have entered the auditorium and stepped up to the stage/podium. You should be prepared to share your screen to view your poster. To do so, click on the Screen Sharing icon in the center Control Bar at the bottom of your screen.

Poster Session

Your poster will be pre-populated in on your behalf. When opens at 9:30 a.m. you can find your poster in a private poster space, assigned by a number. Your number can be found in column D – poster space in the schedule.

Private Poster Space

Before and after your poster jam slot – you should go to your private poster space, to stand in front of your poster. When your avatar is in the private space near a poster, all other conference attendees in that space will be able to see and hear you through your webcam and microphone.

When in a private space you will only be interacting with people in this space, and not the neighboring spaces. This promotes conversation with the presenter without interrupting conversation going on at other posters.


If you have any questions about contact